A Luxurious African Safari to Mozambique

African Safari - MozambiqueAfrican Safari - Mozambique
African Safari - MozambiqueAfrican Safari - Mozambique

Breath-taking Beaches on an African safari in Mozambique

If you are looking for an African safari holiday with breath-taking beaches, fantastic diving and tranquillity, then head to the sublime paradise islands of Mozambique. Once known for its political unrest as a result of the guerrilla war. Mozambique today mercifully seems a different country altogether and offers a great destination for honeymooners or families' alike thanks to the gorgeous beaches and fun activities to do on the islands. Mozambique borders South Africa and Tanzania making it a perfect choice if you are planning on taking in either, or both countries, as part of your African safari holiday.

National Parks in Mozambique

An up-and-coming African safari destination for safari seekers, Mozambique is home to the stunning Nyassa National Park and the slightly more off-the-beaten-track Gorongosa National Park. You can island-hop by plane or boat and are met with an excellent range of accommodation from camping under the stars in the Gorongosa park to five star hotels in the slightly more accessible areas. The advantage of visiting Mozambique over other more popular African destinations is the fact it will seem as though you have the park to yourself at times. For even more adventure on your African safari holiday, head to the wilds of Northern Mozambique by crossing the Zambezi River, which eventually flows into the Indian Ocean. Be warned this journey takes time, but the paradises you will be met with on arrival make it a journey worth making. This is truly a perfect place to stay for a couple of nights as you relax in one of the luxurious island lodges or resorts.

Activities to Enjoy on an African Safari in Mozambique

With a 25000km coastline the Bazaruto Archipelago is a hot-spot for snorkelling, diving and sailing activities, making it a firm choice for water, as well as African safari enthusiasts. The Quirimbas Archipelago is another great choice. The best time to visit southern Mozambique is between April and December as the climate really is at its best for a diving safari expedition. Alternatively, if you are interested in history why not amble along the quaintly cobbled streets of Ilha de Mocambiqe and take in the colonial buildings that remain from time spent as a Portuguese colony. If you are looking to go shopping after your safari excursion then head to the Ibo Island to watch silversmiths crafting an array of goods. Alternatively, if you are interested in a bit nightlife of a different variety to your African safari, then Maputo's swinging jazz bars and busy cafes are the place to go.

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African Safari - Mozambique
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